… and lost 2 years worth of work and patience in 15 minutes.

Note: I wrote this in a hurry and will probably edit and add other reflections.

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It all started with an email, I was checking my inbox. I usually don’t even check my email lately but for some reason, just before going to dinner I was checking my email and saw this email. …

The key thing that separates successful people from the average is how badly they want it. The people who want it badly enough have the endurance to go through all the trouble, hoops, and obstacles required to get to what they want to achieve.

You can buy the course, learn the skills, get the memberships, have the time but still not apply yourself to get your desired outcome. Why? Because you don’t want it bad enough. Are you willing to risk life itself to get what you truly want? If you are, you better make sure what you desire is…

Because that’s when growth happens. If you’re not interested in growth then you should just stop here.

Growth happens gradually through consistent small incremental improvements. If you are not feeling the friction and the resistance in movement, it’s a sign that you are not growing. If you are not feeling the resistance, then you might be standing still while your competition moves forward, providing more value and thus eroding the relative value you provide.

When asked about how many sit-ups he does, Muhammad Ali had this to say:

“I don’t count the sit-ups. I only start counting when it starts…

At the beginning of 8th grade, I made a bold statement to my cousins: I was going to be the top student in the class that year. Immediate mockery ensued, and for most of that year, some of my cousins would consistently make fun of my bold claims.

The idea of me achieving something like that was not very crazy, I had ranked 3rd in class in 4th grade, 6th in 6th grade and 3rd in 7th grade. In 7th grade, the difference in score between the student who ranked 1st and 2nd was a long one. But the difference…

Just like you train yourself physically to get into peak performance, you have to train your mind to be working at peak performance.

Just like you perform physical stretches so that you can workout better, you have to do mental stretches to get into the right mental state.

When you are in the right mental state, good quality thinking happens more effortlessly. You have to cultivate that mental state everyday. …

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If you’re feeling good, in other words, if you’re general well-being is good, then everything else around you feels good too, even though the external circumstances you find yourself in might objectively be not that great. Similarly, if you’re feeling crappy inside, then you could be sitting in the most wonderful, comfortable, luxurious space, but still feel like a pile of shit.

So why are we inclined to make our external circumstances better all the time when that energy could be devoted to inner well-being? I can think of a few reasons: One, that we are socially conditioned to think…

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The same information could mean different things to different people. It’s very hard to make children understand the wisdom you gained from experience. They experience the world in a different way than you do. Age is not the only factor, culture and other experiences shape how we interpret information.

Delivery of information in a manner that embed’s it original intent is a difficult task, but not impossible. What are some of the characteristics of such information? What are some heuristics we can apply to create such information. …

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Balance between consistency and variability. We need both.

Consistency is required to build stable and robust habits and practices. However, there’s also a human desire to pull away from consistency. We get bored easily, we seek novelty. If we do something long enough, it becomes routine, un-challenging and not fun to do.

If there is too much routine, too much consistency and we begin to feel way more comfortable with it than we should, we become uninteresting, we become complacent, we deteriorate our ability to adapt to new situations and circumstances. …

Disruptive innovation doesn’t come out of consensus. If we were always focused on consensus driven decisions, the pace of innovation would be really slow.

The struggle is between making a segment of people happy, or to move to a new alternative which will cause some pain in the short-run.

Innovation is rarely achieved without resistance. It usually requires a radical new way of thinking that is counter-intuitive to culturally embedded wisdom. Ultimately, its questioning a widely held assumption, something that has been taken for granted for a long time.

Politics and government is really about balancing conflicting interests of different…

The setup of cron jobs is fairly easy. However, I ran into problems running shell scripts that create files as outputs. This post covers some of the gotchas to keep in mind.

How to setup Cron jobs

To setup a cronjob, you use a command called crontab. If you execute crontab -l you will see a list of currently installed cron jobs. Jobs are defined in a text file using crontab syntax that you can find or generate at https://crontab-generator.org/. Each line is a job that will be executed. To add/modify/delete a job run crontab -e and perform the deed.

Running a job as a root user

If you want to run…

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